Things you should know…


I love to cook and I cook a lot. I usually make some kind of dessert for my husband to take to work and most nights I cook dinner. Everyone (especially my mom) has been telling me that I should do a blog to chronicle all of my cooking adventures. As you can see, I finally caved in.

I also love my pets (and other peoples pets). I’ll probably babble on about them and post pictures of them as well.

I have a husband and daughter, love them!! Enough said about that.

I love football and UFC. During the football season I’ll share my random thoughts and rants about games. And yes I’m one of those crazy people that yell at the tv during sports.

I go now!!

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  1. Hi Jenna! I used to cook. Haha! And now that your mom has sent me here from her blog, I may have to make some of your posted yummies. I’m hungry just looking at the pictures!

    I also like football — I’m an OSU fan. :) But favorite teams aside, I love a well-executed game. Especially if it’s a passing game. So I will enjoy your rantings come fall.


    • Thanks Barb. I hope my cooking/blogging inspires you. I love food (a little bit too much!)

      As for football, I don’t get to watch a lot of the college games, only because my husband won’t let me! He like the pro games much better then the college games but I still manage to watch some! I would spend all weekend watching football but my husband thinks we should leave the house sometimes. What does he know?!?!?!


  2. I’m inspired too! Love it Jenna….

  3. Hi Jenna,
    As one of the recipients for your delicious cookies, I just have to say “Thank you!!” Your dad brought them in to work and nobody had any idea where these yummy cookies came from. After questioning the usual suspects, someone remembered seeing an arm out of the corner of their eye, dropping off the cookies. We went in search of a particular shirt and found the owner. It was quite the mystery this morning. I am here to testify about the scumptiousness of the coconut choc. chip cookies. Super good! Thanks!!!!! Your dad said the cobbler was the best, but here were are a skeptical bunch, I think we will have to judge it for ourselves. Just kidding. Happy Cooking,

    • Thank you so much!!! You are super sweet!! I usually send the goodies with my husband but he took the day off so Rich (and you all) got them instead. I’ll make sure to keep send you treats! You need to stay sugared up to make it through the day!!

  4. You don’t know me but I am Sara Gerber’s sister in law and she shared your blog with me. I love your blog and after summer I will be trying many of your recipes. You do a great job and show everything. Thanks for some great ideas and hope you don’t mind that Sara shared with me. Pls keep up the great blog. I love getting new ideas.

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