Jun 182010

As you may or may not know I like to dabble in gardening. This year I had Justin build me 2 beautiful planters.

Anyway I bought many plants for my wonderful planters, including a tomatillo plant. I have never grown the tomatillo before so I asked the lady at the nursery if it need a cage or anything. She said that she honestly didn’t know as she herself had never grown one. So I planted it and it was growing real good!!!

It was starting to dwarf the plants next to it. My mom and I even had to stake it. The only problem I was having was that while it was flowering, the flowers would just fall off. It was really starting to make me upset. Everyday I would go water and there would be a bunch of little flowers on the ground. It was sad!!! I thought that maybe I was over watering it or something, so I decided to do a little research on the interwebs. And this is what I found out- “Also be aware that tomatillos are not self fertilizing. This means that you need at least two tomatillo plants in order to get fruit.” Let’s just say I was not amused!!! First off I felt that the nursery lady should have known this, and now it’s too late to put another plant in because that one is hogging up so much space. Admittedly I should have done some research myself but you would think that when you go to a nursery they would know these things and pass on the knowledge! Last night I did the only thing I could do which was pull up the plant. It pained me as it was at least 4 feet tall and quite pretty, but I really had no other option…

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